The Future Of Bounce House Rentals

The future of bounce house rentals may seem pretty simple, but the answer can be more complex and deeper within the industry than you might be imagining. Yes, bounce house rentals seem like they may have pushed the limits as far as they can go and nothing revolutionary could possibly come out of the bounce house industry, but we’re here to tell you otherwise.

Sure, bounce houses will probably never be much different than they have been for the past 30 years. Bounce houses do keep coming out in bigger and more amazing sizes and intertwine more features together than they may have before, but there isn’t a lot more anyone can do to pioneer a better bounce house. With all this being said, I’m sure a company somewhere is trying to design a more safe bounce house, that I think we can all agree is safe to say. The one thing that no one thinks about when it comes to the bounce house industry is the bounce house preparation. What does that mean? Well, when you rent an inflatable a company has to schedule it, get the inflatable out of their warehouse, drive the inflatable to the consumer, setup the bounce house, than eventually deflate it and bring it back to the ware house, right? Seems pretty straight forward. One thing people notice when they rent a bounce house is how much the employees can struggle to move the inflatable from the truck to the location it will be inflated. This is because the hand trucks that are on the market are not designed for bounce houses and other large inflatables. That is, until a man named Brian changed the game.

Brian took an average, ordinary, every day hand truck, and crafted it into the perfect transportation device for inflatables. It was some minor tweaks and adjusting that allowed him to install a hand brake on the dolly which totally changed how these things are transported. As you’ve seen in some of the pictures, inflatables can be enormous in size and can easily weigh up to 300 pounds. It was hard to control the dolly while loaded with one of these inflatables, especially on surface with a slight down grade. The brake allows employees to easily control the dolly and not have to worry about being dragged along behind it while going down a hill.

While it’s true that we think bounce houses will have improved durability, strength, and safety features, there’s not a whole lot that will change about the bounce house in the future. I think that the real transformations will come within the companies providing these services, such as the inflatable dolly innovation. We are excited for the future for the bounce house rental industry and don’t see an upcoming decline in sales and profits anytime soon.


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