Best Bounce House Rental In 2016


The Spider 800 – Inflatable Obstacle Course

Taking up over 1,000 feet of space, this bounce house is known as the monster of best-bounce-house-rental-in-2016all other bounce houses. This specific bounce house is actually a complete obstacle featuring various inflatable obstacles, trampolines, and a giant slide. If you’re looking to give your child a memorable birthday party, you might want to check this out. Very few rental companies keep a monster inflatable like this on hand, so if you’re interested in renting a giant inflatable such as this one, there’s a few steps you can take. First of all, we would recommend calling the number one bounce house rental company in your state. A good way to do this is hop onto Google and type in “bounce house rentals + your city” and see which company is the first to pop up. The reason we recommend this method is because the number one search result, by default, is usually the biggest company in your area. They are obviously getting the lions share of customers searching for bounce house rentals so they should be a qualified option to get you what you’re looking for. Event if the largest bounce house rental company in your city doesn’t have the specific inflatable you’re looking for, they can usually find one and rent it.

I¬†wouldn’t recommend renting an inflatable this size unless you were completely serious about becoming the coolest parent your child and their friend knows. You’ll probably be talked about at recesses’s for years to come by taking the heroic action of renting such a memorable inflatable. The company that made this specific inflatable is extremely reputable and known for producing quality products so you know your children will be in a safe environment. We’ve read quite a few reviews online from renting an obstacle course inflatable and the answer seems to be the same pretty consistently, “It was awesome!”. One of the problems you might face with an inflatable this size is, “where am I going to put this thing?!”. I understand your concern and want to give you an idea to solve this problem. I recommend calling around to different bounce house rental companies and asking them if they could accommodate hosting a party at their warehouse. Imagine if you could pay a company to blow up their inflatables inside of their ware house and all you would have to do is carpool the kids over to their establishment. You will probably get a great deal and a way better bang for your buck since the company won’t have to pay it’s staff to drive and setup the party at your house. Are the wheels turning yet? We try to stimulate ideas that will make your kids childhood years ones that they will never forget.

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