Rock Climbing Wall Rentals

What’s better than having a bounce house at a party? Having a bounce house and a rock climbing wall! This killer combo has been one of the most popular party rentals of all time. When it comes to children’s birthday parties, kids will always be kids and will eventually get sick of bouncing in the bounce house after a while. As a parent, you want your kids to remain and have the best time possible. Having a rock climbing wall at your party in addition to a rock climbing wall can keep kids more occupies and entertained for twice as long as opposed to just having one of the two. If you really want to step your party game up and have 3 awesome things for kids to play on, a water slide rental would be another great addition but we’ll save that for a later post.

090403-N-9860Y-003 OAK HARBOR, Wash. (April 3, 2009) Lt. Cmdr. Brian Danielson, assigned to Electronic Attack Squadron (VAQ) 129, gives his daughter pointers as she attempts to climb the rock wall during Northwest Outdoor Adventure Day at Crescent Harbor Adventures at the Naval Air Station Whidbey Island seaplane base. Outdoor Adventure Day was held as the conclusion of NAS Whidbey Island's "Tiger Week," which provided activities to children during the Oak Harbor School District's Spring Break period. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Tucker M. Yates/Released)

Rock climbing walls are a cool rental that not all companies will offer. If you’re looking for a rock climbing wall, we definitely recommend starting off with a Google search to see what companies in your area offer this service. Most of the time if the company you call doesn’t have a rock climbing wall to rent they will usually refer you to another company in the area that will be able to accommodate you. If you’ve read our article regarding hiring a bounce house rental company, than the same principles apply for renting a rock climbing wall. It’s even more important to hire a reputable company with good online reviews when it comes to renting a rock climbing wall because the risks are a lot greater that someone could get hurt. There will obviously be someone from the rental company working the wall and making sure everyone is following proper safety guidelines, but you’ll want to make sure that person is educated and knows how to handle any situation. This can also be done over the phone when prospecting different companies for your rental needs.

Rock climbing walls come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s important to think about who will be climbing on the wall when you’re deciding on a rental. Many companies have rock climbing walls that range from 15 feet to 30 feet so if you’re renting one for a kids party it’s usually a smart decision to pick the smallest one they have. The good thing is that if you’ll be having a mix of people partaking in the rock climbing experience, you can always rent the larger one and set strict rules for the kids about how high they can go on the wall. Fun fact for all of you party rental enthusiasts in Arizona… If you type in “bounce house rentals az” into your search browser, you’ll see a company called B.T. Bouncies. We heard on the street that they are buying a 35 foot, portable, rock climbing wall some time late this year which they will be able to setup all around the Southwestern United States!

Water Slide Inflatables Versus Bounce Houses

Water slide inflatable rentals are the perfect option for a hot, sunny, summer day party. With that being said, a bounce house is also a great option for this type of environment, so which one do you choose? We would recommend that you consider a few options before making a decision on the type of rental you would like to have. The first thing to consider is that there are actually inflatables that are a 2 for 1 type of deal that include a bounce house and a water slide. We know, our minds were blown too when we figured out this was a real option. You can bounce-house-water-slide-rentalscheck out the picture on the right to see an example of what we’re talking about.

While there are certainly pros and cons of renting both types of rentals acting as separate attractions and renting the “2 for 1” bounce house water slide rental. The obvious pros for 2 separate rentals are that the children will be occupied in transitioning back and forth between the two different inflatables for a longer period of time and their interest in the inflatables will last for a longer duration throughout the day. The obvious pros for getting the 2 for 1 is that it will save a lot of space and also, in most cases, cost you less money to rent. The deciding factors upon which rental is right for your will ultimately determined by the financial situation you’re currently in, and the amount of space you have for the inflatables in your yard or park. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you will need access to a hose outlet if you’re planning on renting any sort of water slide. You can always skip the water aspect and just have the inflatable act as a normal slide but if you’re looking to “wow” the folks at your party, hose access is essential. Don’t get mad at the rental company because they didn’t provide the slide with any water. Although they should have clearly covered this aspect of the rental agreement on the phone, it is still your responsibility to supply the water.

At the end of the day, both types of rental options should make everyone attending the party happy and fulfilled. After all, the main focus of going to such a party or event is to have fun and let the kids unwind a lot of their energy so we can finally get some sleep at night! Just kidding, but having your kids expend all their energy during the day is a nice benefit of inflatable rentals.


Best Bounce House Rental In 2016


The Spider 800 – Inflatable Obstacle Course

Taking up over 1,000 feet of space, this bounce house is known as the monster of best-bounce-house-rental-in-2016all other bounce houses. This specific bounce house is actually a complete obstacle featuring various inflatable obstacles, trampolines, and a giant slide. If you’re looking to give your child a memorable birthday party, you might want to check this out. Very few rental companies keep a monster inflatable like this on hand, so if you’re interested in renting a giant inflatable such as this one, there’s a few steps you can take. First of all, we would recommend calling the number one bounce house rental company in your state. A good way to do this is hop onto Google and type in “bounce house rentals + your city” and see which company is the first to pop up. The reason we recommend this method is because the number one search result, by default, is usually the biggest company in your area. They are obviously getting the lions share of customers searching for bounce house rentals so they should be a qualified option to get you what you’re looking for. Event if the largest bounce house rental company in your city doesn’t have the specific inflatable you’re looking for, they can usually find one and rent it.

I wouldn’t recommend renting an inflatable this size unless you were completely serious about becoming the coolest parent your child and their friend knows. You’ll probably be talked about at recesses’s for years to come by taking the heroic action of renting such a memorable inflatable. The company that made this specific inflatable is extremely reputable and known for producing quality products so you know your children will be in a safe environment. We’ve read quite a few reviews online from renting an obstacle course inflatable and the answer seems to be the same pretty consistently, “It was awesome!”. One of the problems you might face with an inflatable this size is, “where am I going to put this thing?!”. I understand your concern and want to give you an idea to solve this problem. I recommend calling around to different bounce house rental companies and asking them if they could accommodate hosting a party at their warehouse. Imagine if you could pay a company to blow up their inflatables inside of their ware house and all you would have to do is carpool the kids over to their establishment. You will probably get a great deal and a way better bang for your buck since the company won’t have to pay it’s staff to drive and setup the party at your house. Are the wheels turning yet? We try to stimulate ideas that will make your kids childhood years ones that they will never forget.

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